On-demand webinar created exclusively for guardians living with reactive herding breed dogs!

This on-demand webinar is for dog guardians who live with herding breed dogs who lunge, bark, growl, nip, or circle other dogs, cars, and possibly even humans, and wish to explore new herding breed specific strategies to tackle these common yet exacerbating behaviors. In this information-packed webinar, behavior consultants Karen Baxter, CDPT-KA from Unified K9 Behavior Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, and Cat Harbord, Dip.CBST, CDBC, creator of Thrive Learning System, investigate reactivity in herding breed dogs through the lens of Canine Complexity, providing guardians with insights, a road map, and some training tips to tackle this behaviour in their herding dogs with confidence!

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Great resource for reactive herding dogs and their guardians

Stephanie Michieli

I really enjoyed this webinar by Karen and Cat. It really put into perspective why my herding dog (Corgi) reacts to his environment in such a way. I have several new resources to use now to help us on our reactive dog journey. I enjoyed the video ...

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I really enjoyed this webinar by Karen and Cat. It really put into perspective why my herding dog (Corgi) reacts to his environment in such a way. I have several new resources to use now to help us on our reactive dog journey. I enjoyed the video examples of the working dogs, those really helped me see how my dog's breed was meant to react to his surroundings...my corgi is not a calm golden retriever! The thrive learning system has really helped me to see my dog in a new light, and I am excited to work through our roadmap to success :) Thanks Karen and Cat for the new insight!

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Karen Baxter

Karen Baxter has loved dogs all her life and feels privileged that she has the ideal job…following her life-long passion and working with dogs. Beginning her professional career with dogs over 20 years ago, Karen brings an experience and joy to her work that can be felt by each dog and dog owner that she works with regardless of the size or the breed of dog. Karen’s training philosophy is “one size does NOT fit all!” and true to the Unified K9 philosophy, tailors her training protocols and/or treatment plans to the needs of the dog and the lifestyle and goals of the dog’s owner. Her positive and fair techniques are designed to bring out enthusiasm in each dog so they learn to love training which results in building stronger relationships with their humans, based on trust. Karen has participated in various training programs over several years preparing for her career in dog training. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer having passed the Knowledge Assessment examination through the Certification Council for Professional Pet Dog Trainers. She is a graduate of Animal Behaviour College’s Certified Dog Trainer program. Karen has also studied and completed training on the practical application of Behaviour Adjustment Training for fearful, anxious and aggressive dogs and Aggressive Dog Conflict Resolution with Behaviourist and author Cheryl Smith. Her most recent accomplishments include completing the Master Aggression Course with world renowned Behaviour Consultant and expert on dog aggression, Michael Shikashio and she is currently completing her diploma in Canine Behaviourology with a specialty in working with aggressive dogs. Karen has also worked with local animal shelters and Rescue organizations to assist in the care and rehabilitation of rescued dogs who are usually suffering from trauma and stress related behaviour issues. Her continuing education and experience have ensured Karen has developed expertise in dog psychological issues manifesting themselves as anxiety or aggression. Karen’s training specialties include Rally Obedience, Agility, Working Dogs Tracking, Scent work, and puppy foundations. She is a member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, The Agility Association of Canada, the Canadian Association for Professional Dog Trainers and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Karen lives in York Region with her dogs most of which compete in obedience, agility and Rally Obedience. Her dogs have reached master level in all sports.

Cat Harbord

Thrive Learning System™ Creator, Dip. CBST, CDBC, FDM

Cat is the Director of ImPAWSible Possible Inc. in Calgary, Alberta Canada and the creator of Thrive Learning System™. Cat has spent the last 15 years working with aggression, fear, reactivity, and other complex dog behaviours, mentoring other trainers, and most recently developing and teaching Thrive Learning System™ the worlds first complexity sciences driven framework, worldwide. Cat is a Family Dog Mediator (FDM) and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC). Cat is the co-host of The Canine Complexity Podcast. Cat has spent almost two decades educating herself in a variety of scientific disciplines and fields through online courses, workshops, reading, and other research methods. Cat has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Sciences and Technology (Dip. CBST) from The Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Plantation, Florida, as well as a Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Dispatcher License and dispatcher certification from Sheffield School of Aeronautics in Plantation, Florida. Cat has extensive practical experience working with a diverse range of dogs and their owners in a variety of settings, such as rescue, shelter, and therapy dog, to name a few. Cat spends her down time cooking plant-based food at home, walking, and spending time with her rescue dog, Mouse.

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