From confusion and chaos to clarity and confidence!

Do you ever feel like the puzzle pieces don't quite fit when it comes to the complex behavioral challenges you face with your dog (or, if you're a dog pro, the dogs of your clients)?

Are you completely exhausted? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Spending sleepless nights worrying or running different scenarios through your mind while feeling confused and as if you just can't get a sense of clarity on what is going with your dog or your client's dog(s) despite your best efforts to date? 

Do you ever feel as if you're trying to solve a problem that simply cannot be solved despite having all of the puzzle pieces?

You've read all of the dog training and behavior books, listened to all of the behavior podcasts, and spent hours binge watching dog training videos.  While the training and behavior modification you've attempted has helped alleviate some of the behavior problems you're experiencing, you can't shake the feeling that you're missing something or that there has to be more.

As a committed and conscientious dog professional or dog guardian and tenacious problem solver, you've most likely taken additional courses, attended dog training and behavior seminars and workshops, and consulted with dog behavior experts and other pet pros.

And yet, despite all of your time and effort, you're still left with unanswered questions about the complex behavior issues you or your clients are facing, and you don't feel like you're progressing as quickly with your dog or the dogs of your clients as you might expect.

If this describes you, you can breathe a sigh of relief because my Canine Complexity Course – The Core might be precisely what you've been looking for. 

My name is Cat Harbord and I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Family Dog Mediator based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

About ten years ago, I found myself in a similar predicament.  

This started the day I welcomed my dog Mouse home from the shelter after rescuing him. It didn't take me very long to realize that I was way over my head with Mouse as a long-term shelter resident with a never-ending list of behavioral issues!

Mouse circa 2014

Even as a dog behavior expert, I couldn't fully comprehend Mouse's behaviors. I noticed patterns and interconnections that none of the prevailing methodologies could fully explain.

By the end of our first five years together, I felt confused, frustrated, disappointed, and overwhelmed. I had hit a brick wall in Mouse's training despite having all of the best and most well-researched tools at my disposal. Despite all of my time, resources, and considerable efforts, our lives were perpetually in a state of turmoil and chaos.

During this time, I began to see the same behavioral patterns in my clients' dogs.

This ultimately led to a personal and professional dilemma for me. Either I needed to change careers or I was missing something.

Determined to help Mouse, I ventured off the beaten path, studying and applying a wide range of scientific disciplines, including a few that had never been applied to dog training before.

As I started to rearrange the puzzle pieces and apply scientific disciplines outside of the conventional dog training "boxes" to Mouse's behaviors, clarity replaced my previous state of confusion, and Mouse's behaviors began to transform on their own.

As I began to apply what I was learning, Mouse's behaviors started to change right before my eyes, seemingly on its own, like a struggling seedling beginning to sprout after a season of drought.

At this point, I discovered true and lasting solutions to Mouse's behavioral issues. Solutions that focused on me supporting Mouse in restoring and enhancing his innate capacity for changing his own behavior. Solutions that ultimately empowered me to "take the hands off the wheel" and allow Mouse to grow, change and evolve on his own.

Excited to share what I had discovered with other dog guardians, pet professionals, and anyone else who would listen, I took a 7-year detour into complexity sciences, also known as "the science of sciences," which provided the theoretical and philosophical foundations for Thrive Learning System and, ultimately, The Canine Complexity Course.

Let me walk you through the paradigm-shifting approach that has transformed my life, Mouse's life, and the lives of countless dogs and clients.

Let me help you and your dog, or the dogs of your clients, truly blossom.

Let me help you and your dog, or the dog's of your clients, truly blossom

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Special Announcement

    1. Introduction

    2. The Core

    3. Quiz #1

    4. Case Study Overview

    5. Know

    6. Lead Part I

    7. Lead Part II

    8. Quiz #2

    9. Connect Part I

    10. Connect Q & A #1

    11. Connect Part II

    12. Connect Q & A #2

    13. Connect Part III

    14. Quiz #3

    15. Grow Part I

    16. Grow Part II

    17. Grow Q & A

    18. Adapt Part I

    19. Adapt Q & A #1

    20. Adapt Part II

    21. Adapt Q & A #2

    22. Learn Part I

    23. Learn Part II

    24. Learn Q & A #1

    25. Learn Part III

    26. Learn Q & A #2

    27. Express Part I

    28. Express Q & A #1

    29. Express Part II

    30. Express Q & A #2

    31. Express Part III

    32. Express Q & A #3

    33. Think

    34. Think Q & A

    35. Trust

    36. Trust Q & A

    1. Welcome to The Thrive Tribe!

    2. Connecting with Your Tribe

    1. Thrive Hive 03.16.2023

    2. Thrive Hive 03.23.2023

    3. Thrive Hive 04.06.2023 Responsible Leadership

    4. Thrive Hive 04.13.2023 Developmental 'Fractures"

    1. FreeWork Setup #1

    2. FreeWork Setup #2

    3. FreeWork Active Observation #1

    4. FreeWork Active Observation #2

    5. FreeWork Observation Sheet

    6. The Canine Circumplex Model

    7. Social Communication Framework - Affiliative Signals

    8. Social Communication Framework - Appeasement

    9. Social Communication Framework - Flight

    10. Social Communication Framework - Aggression

About this course

  • $799.00
  • 53 lessons
  • 28.5 hours of video content
  • Canine Complexity Certification
  • Coaching & Mentorship

Course Features

  • Professional Certification

    Students are eligible for the Certified Canine Complexity Consultant professional certification upon successfully completing the course and fulfilling certification criteria.

  • Coaching & Mentorship

    Students receive lifetime coaching support and ongoing mentorship through our private Thrive Learning System Facebook Community and Coaching Calls.

  • Connect with Your Tribe!

    Connect, learn and grow with like-minded pet professionals and dog nerds from around the world in our inclusive online community!


Cat Harbord

Thrive Learning System™ Creator, Dip. CBST, CDBC, FDM

Cat is the Director of ImPAWSible Possible Inc. in Calgary, Alberta Canada and the creator of Thrive Learning System™. Cat has spent the last 15 years working with aggression, fear, reactivity, and other complex dog behaviours, mentoring other trainers, and most recently developing and teaching Thrive Learning System™ the worlds first complexity sciences driven framework, worldwide. Cat is a Family Dog Mediator (FDM) and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC). Cat is the co-host of The Canine Complexity Podcast. Cat has spent almost two decades educating herself in a variety of scientific disciplines and fields through online courses, workshops, reading, and other research methods. Cat has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Sciences and Technology (Dip. CBST) from The Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Plantation, Florida, as well as a Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Dispatcher License and dispatcher certification from Sheffield School of Aeronautics in Plantation, Florida. Cat has extensive practical experience working with a diverse range of dogs and their owners in a variety of settings, such as rescue, shelter, and therapy dog, to name a few. Cat spends her down time cooking plant-based food at home, walking, and spending time with her rescue dog, Mouse.


5 star rating

Accessible, practical and spot on!

Viviane Arzoumanian

Several years ago while taking a child development course I realized that secure attachment is as critical for dogs as it is for humans. Thank you Cat and Marlene to putting this fact into an excellent teaching tool for canine professionals and o...

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Several years ago while taking a child development course I realized that secure attachment is as critical for dogs as it is for humans. Thank you Cat and Marlene to putting this fact into an excellent teaching tool for canine professionals and our clients!

Read Less
5 star rating

Great resource for reactive herding dogs and their guardians

Stephanie Michieli

I really enjoyed this webinar by Karen and Cat. It really put into perspective why my herding dog (Corgi) reacts to his environment in such a way. I have several new resources to use now to help us on our reactive dog journey. I enjoyed the video ...

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I really enjoyed this webinar by Karen and Cat. It really put into perspective why my herding dog (Corgi) reacts to his environment in such a way. I have several new resources to use now to help us on our reactive dog journey. I enjoyed the video examples of the working dogs, those really helped me see how my dog's breed was meant to react to his corgi is not a calm golden retriever! The thrive learning system has really helped me to see my dog in a new light, and I am excited to work through our roadmap to success :) Thanks Karen and Cat for the new insight!

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What You Can Expect to Learn

Your instructor Cat, creator of the Thrive Learning System and it's powerful Core, brings The Core to life over the course of 51 self-paced lessons including more than 27 hours of instruction and interactive  Q&A sessions with Canine Complexity Course students designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the Core and its transformational and paradigm shifting approach to understanding the human-canine bond and dog behavior.

The course incorporates a case study of a rescue dog named Fiona, providing students a front-row seat to see The Core being used in real-time. 

  1. Introduction
    • Meet Cat
    • Our Story
  2. What is The Core?
    • Thriving Begins When You Connect with Your Dog at The Core
    • The Core Elements
    • The Core Behaviors
    • The Core Strategies
  3. Meet Fiona (Case Study)
  4. Know
    • The Dog
    • The Home
    • The Community
    • Interventions
    • Q&A
  5. Lead
    • What is Leadership?
    • The Spirit of Domestication
    • Responsible Leadership
    • Systems & Structures
    • Cohesion 
    • Interventions
    • Q&A
  6. Connect
    • Social Networks
    • Social Communication Framework
    • Attachment
    • Behaviors
    • Interventions
    • Q&A 
  7. Grow
    • System Constraints
    • Development
    • Socialization
    • Developmental Gaps or "Fractures"
    • Interventions
    • Q&A
  8. Adapt
    • Adaptation
    • Resilience
    • Robustness
    • Stress
    • Regulation
    • Systemic Implications
    • Interventions
    • Q&A
  9. Learn
    • Effort Does Not = Results
    • Intervention Dependence
    • Lessons I've Learned
    • Learning as a 'Biologue'
    • Training
    • Perpetual Learning
    • Assessment
    • Intervention Design and Planning
    • Systemic Synthesis
    • Q&A
  10. Express
    • The Purpose of a System is the Most Powerful Determinant of its Behavior
    • A Dog's Purpose or "Telos"
    • Innate Behaviors
    • Self-Expression
    • Motivation and "Drive"
    • Interventions
    • Q&A
  11. Think
    • Zoom Out, Zoom In
    • Which Lens?
    • Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Training
    • Q&A
  12. Case Study Update 
  13. The Complexity of Trust (Bonus)